Life Skills

The Life Skills program addresses those skills that will help each student grow into a confident, informed, and spiritual person. Experiences in personal finance and entrepreneurship, career awareness, sports and personal fitness, visual and performing art, sewing, and building and construction are offered to all students in preschool through grade six as part of the core curriculum.  At Saint Matthew School we emphasize how each of these skills are gifts we have from God and by using the teachings of Christ to guide us, we can not only be successful, but serve others as we are called to do.

Life Skills - Saint Matthew

Artists in Residence

Throughout the school year students have the opportunity to work directly with local visual and performing artists. Exposing students to a variety of mediums and encouraging creative thinking are the goals of this program which is included as one of the core curriculum offerings. Workshops are scheduled during the school day so that all students in preschool through grade six can participate. Students will be exposed to drawing, painting, ceramics, origami, public performance, and set and costume construction as well as other experiences based on artist availability. 

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Entrepreneurial Studies

The goal of this program is that each learner will develop those skills required to be an entrepreneur which include hard work, effective communication, and resilience after disappointment. Creating a business requires entrepreneurs to think critically about problems they see and how to find a solution.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted a study that found that 91 percent of employers look for problem-solving skills when making hiring decisions. Since creative problem-solving is one of the top sought-after skills in any business environment, cultivating this skill early on is wise. 


Intermediate grade students complete a course on economics and capitalism after which they develop their own service product company including the creation of a business plan and all aspects of production, marketing, and sales. As a service product company, all profits benefit charities chosen by the students.

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Robotics encourages innovative ideas and creativity and is included as one of the core curriculum offerings. It also allows kids to prepare for the future while simultaneously having fun. Robotics prepares children for future career development, awakens creativity, is a tangible introduction to more abstract programming concepts, promotes inclusivity for students on the autism spectrum, and helps kids develop problem-solving skills. Hands-on experiences in robotics is offered to all students in preschool through grade six using robots with different levels of complexity. 

Piano and Vocal Performance

All students in preschool through grade six participate in the music program as part of the core curriculum offerings. Our certified music instructor also provides individualized lessons in piano and vocal performance after school. Lesson times and fees are arranged between the teacher and the parent.